Spices & Seasonings Maryland
J.O. Spice manufactures and distributes wholesale and retail a wide variety of spices, seasonings and other products including: JO Brand No. 1 Seafood Seasoning, Crab House Spice, Maryland Seafood Seasoning, Bay Country Seasoning, Venison Seasoning, Wild Game & Poultry Seasoning, Maryland Style Crab Soup Mix, Cream of Crab Soup or Dip Mix, Crab Cake Mix, Oyster & Fish Breader, Fish & Shrimp Batter Mix, Chicken Fry Mix, Crab Knives, Lobster Crackers, Crab Paper and more. Restaurants interested in bulk product at wholesale pricing make sure to call or contact our main office. If you just want a bottle or 2 of your favorite spice, seasoning or one of our other great products please visit our factory outlet in Baltimore MD or our online store.
3721 Old Georgetown Road, Arbutus, Maryland, 21227, United States
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